Little Tigers

Our Little Tigers classes are designed for kids ages 3~5years old. Kids at this age need special attention and instruction to learn Martial Arts as effectively as possible. These classes teach kids the basics and fundamentals they need in a fun and exciting environment. As a parent you know a fun environment makes learning a lot easier for kids. Our amazing instructors not only keep the classes fun but do so without compromising on the instruction.


Here at Jun Lee Tae Kwon Do, we make sure the kids have a great time as well as learn life lessons that will benefit them at home, school and for the rest of their lives. Here is what your child will get at our amazing school:



  • Physical Fitness

  • Bullyproof Training

  • How to Identify and Avoid Strangers

  • Mental Focus

  • Self Control

  • Leadership Skills

  • Self Confidence

  • And a Ton of Fun!